02 January 2012

A photograph

One of my first prints since middle school taken with a Canon EOS ElanIIe.
Shot with Ilford HP5+ developed in xtol, then printed on matte 5"x7" and scanned with a cheap document printer.

22 March 2008

my awesome chair

So I was watching NASA TV online just now. They were showing the controllers in Houston communicating with the space walkers from STS-123. Of course, I noticed the chairs they were sitting in. They looked familiar to me because... it's the same one I have. I'm sitting in it right now thinking about how awesome my chair is.

I have the best chair ever.

21 March 2008

Expelled trailer

Seeing as there's a lot of drama concerning the movie Expelled, some type of "creationist" solidarity film, I figured I might check it out. I usually don't pay much attention to people acting like lunatics on the Internet, it is, well, not unusual. I decided to watch the super trailer and write what I thought as I watched it. Luckily enough, the proprietary video viewer doesn't have a clock showing the runtime, making my analysis all the more difficult.

[00:00] Here we go... This should be interesting.

[00:24] Finally, it starts.

[01:00] I will not "question authority"? Since when are Christians not the authority, "the man," in America? I'm curious about where this image of majority persecution comes from. We live in a country where repeated court orders are required to get the Ten Commandments out of a courthouse.

[01:24] I'm waiting for my "Bueller?" reference.

[01:27] Mud and lightning, eh? I don't remember evolution and natural selection having anything to do with mud and lightning. I also chuckle at "Darwinism." You know, not every theory is the worship of a demigod. I like "evolution" or "science" better.

[01:51] Wow! Nazis? Seriously? Godwin's Law anyone? I heard the film had a lot of useless talk of Nazis in it, but I thought they might try to appear as if they had a reason for it.

[2:56] I'm getting a little tired of the mud and lightning reference. You can make anything sound ridiculous if you say it like that...

[3:16] Persecution against scientific advances wouldn't be a problem in Galileo's time? Interesting for them to pick Galileo, he's probably the most famous victim of Christianity in the world of science. Galileo was forced by the church to renounce his views (correctly) supporting the heliocentricity of the solar system and spent the rest of his life under house arrest, political prisoner of the Catholic church. And I'm still waiting for Bueller.

[4:29] More Nazis. Even if we could say evolution and Nazi geneticists were related, and that the belief in evolution is responsible for the holocaust, the belief in Christianity is, using the same logic, responsible for millions of more deaths. See: inquisition, crusades, colonization, et al. Can't people see through all of this Nazi madness?

[5:00] Gotta love cutting Richard Dawkins off to make it look like he hates other ideas. What I would guess he's trying to say, is something like "I'm hostile to other doctrines that have no proof, make no scientific sense, or something similar." I imagine any scientist would be angry at people who believe in unscientific theories with no proof. See: moon hoax, 9/11 conspiracy, flat earth.

[5:10] How is this situation different? In science, you can be right or wrong. It's not politics or civil rights (the Martin Luther King, Jr footage to try for sympathy), it's not art appreciation, or opinions on favorite drinks. It's logic and what can be proven and disproven. Free speech is "not tolerated" (If that's what you want to call people disagreeing with your ideas) in science if you're wrong. You can't (legitimately) protest being fired from your math teaching job if you're going to say 1+1=5.

[5:20] Love this anonymous guy. Sounds a little like an actor to me. I wouldn't put it past them, considering all the rhetorical maneuvering and useless Nazi references. Yes, scientists are all deliberately lying to bring down the underdog Christians. Spoilers: everything prefixed with "neo" is evil.

[6:30] IF WE CATCH YOU WATCHING THIS MOVIE, WE WILL THROW YOU TO THE LIONS!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA.... :/ They are a little too convinced the world is out to get them. And finally, my Bueller reference.

All together, this movie looks worse than I thought. I'm surprised Michael Moore isn't behind this one, considering all the fallacies and Nazi imagery. I will probably will go see it, just for laughs. However, I'll buy a ticket for some animated squirrel movie instead, I don't want these people having any of my money.

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